rediscovering ballet

I recently rediscovered my love for ballet. I started dancing, when I was enrolled, but at some time the whole course would swap ballet for modern, so I stopped ballet.
Some month ago I thought, why not try it again, I really loved it?
And it felt so good! It was more exhausting than I’d thought. All the strength you need to perfectly hold the pose and to really elongate your legs,feet and everything else. I also noticed that I became more aware of my everyday posture. And I really love the grace that comes with it.
I had really fun and I hope I’m going to take more ballet lessons in the future!

Have you tried ballet?



review : Kayla Itsines – bikini body guide workouts-free week of workouts

I heard and read a great deal about Kayla Itsines‘ bikini body guides, the results you can see on instagram and co. are quite convincing. Sadly the guides cost quite some money (about 70$). However I found there’s a possibility of testing seven free days of the bikini body guide here!

DSC07654 (2)

The week consists of three workouts: leg, arm and ab. Each one of them is divided into two circuits you go through twice. The warm up and cool down/stretching you have to do by yourself.

Especially the arm workout was really hard for me. To be honest I didn’t get through the Push Ups without coming down to my knees and I swapped the In & Out Push Ups for plank jacks.

The workouts really challenged me and they’re definitely gonna make you fit. I had sore muscles after every workout! Also the workouts only took about half an hour, which is great if you have a tight schedule.

There are also some other free exercises on her blog, which you find on the website.

DSC07652 (2)

The free week of workouts is definitely worth testing! I can really see why so many girls are bikini body guide fans and I’d like to go on, but I really have to say that the price is holding me back.

Have you tested the bikini body guide?


My favorite youtube fitness channels

Working out is an important part of my life. You can definitely spend a lot of money on it, but if you can’t or simply don’t want to, there are some awesome fitness channels on youtube, which I want to share with you today.

  1. Blogilates
    This is the very first fitness channel I stared following on youtube! The program is called “poppilates”, which is pilates to pop music. You will find a video for nearly everybody part as well as Cardio and whole body ones. The videos are really, really hard, but they’re definitely worth it! In general a single video is quite short, so you can even fit it into a tight schedule.
    There’s also a website with recipes and meal and workout plans. Check it out here!

  2. Tone it Up
    This one I found via Lauren Conrad’s website. On the youtube channel are only the “shorter” workouts as you can buy DVDs by Karena and Katrina. There are mainly abs, butt, cardio and stretching videos. I especially love the bikini series!
    On the website you can find the nutrition and the bikini program, which you are able to buy, but also free recipes.
  3. Rebecca Louise Fitness | RL Healthy
    Here you will find videos to target your abs, arms, butt and legs, but also barre, cardio and whole body ones. Also there are some with and some without weights to choose from. There’s a new workout video added each week, which is great when you like a bit of variety in your workout routine like I do!
    On her website you can buy a nutrition plan or check out her blog with fitness and lifestyle tips.
  4. The Cexercize Trinity
    This channel I discovered very recently. It’s described as “a female fitness and lifestyle channel, where the “C” stands for confidence”
    I especially love the yoga videos at the end of my workout to relax. The fitness videos are also great and challenging.

Do you know other good fitness channels on youtube?