Santiago de Chile

I spent one week in Santiago de Chile and to be honest the city didn’t really convince me. Of course the are some beautiful, old buildings, but many got destroyed during earthquakes and were replaced by skyscrapers.
But now on to the things that are worth visiting


1. Plaza del Armas
This place is the center of Santiago and a nice island from all the traffic. Here is also the Catedral Metropolitana and the post office.


2. Estación Mapocho
This building was once a train station, but as many earthquakes led to the dilapidation of the railways and the closure of the station it is nowadays a center for culture.


3. Palacio La Moneda
This es Chile’s president palace and was originally the country’s mint.


4. Cerro Santa Lucía
If you climb all the steps to the top of this big hill in the middle of Santiago, you are rewarded with a great view over the city. Sadly there is often a lot of smog and you’re not really able to see the Andes.


5. Cerro San Cristóbal
Another spot for a great view over Santiago, although this time you’re able to take the funicular railway. Santiago’s biggest park, the ‘Parque Metropolitano’ is also lokated there. It has two swimming pools and a zoo.


6. Costanera Center
This one is Santiago’s hingehst building and home to a big shopping mall, with lots of choice.


7. Barrio Bellavista
This quater is the perfect one for going out. It’s the location of a lot of bars and clubs.


8. Barrios Lastarria & Bellas Artes
These two are the trendsetter districts. They are really pretty and also the heart of the coffee scene. If you’re in the area check out Buffalo Waffels they make really delicious sweet and salty ones!


Have you ever been to Santiago before?