what to do in Hamburg

I was in Hamburg twice in the last two years (one time during our Germany bike tour), so I thought I could share some tips with you on what to do.

  1. The harbor
    Hamburg is known for it’s harbor. The view with the cranes and big ships is fascinating. Often you can see famous cruise liners dropping anchor.
    One of the best view is from the “Landungsbrücken”. There you can also catch one of the little boats that belong to the public transport. This saves a lot of money and they have similar routs like the tourist tour boats.

    DSC07255 (2)

  2. Speicherstadt
    There are lots of boat tours trough those high buildings, which were used to store goods delivered to the harbor. However you also have the iconic view from the many bridges crossing.

    DSC07247 (2)

  3. Hafencity
    This district, located directly at the river Elbe, is well known for it’s modern architecture. Amongst them is the “Elbphilharmonie” (opera house) and many flats with bottom to top windows.

    DSC_1958 (2)

    Start of the Reeperbahn at the “Tanzende Türme” (“Dancing Towers”)

  4. Reeperbahn
    This is Hamburg’s well known red-light district, with lots of bars and clubs in the St. Pauli district. Contrary to it’s reputationa lots of “normal” people go here to enjoy the nightlife. Nevertheless I felt a little bit weird walking down the street for the first time at night. 😉

    DSC_0679 (2)

  5. Alster
    You can either take one of the different boat trips offered or just walk along it. It is also a popular jogging route and perfect for relaxing after a long day in the city.


  6. Schanzenviertel
    This is Hamburgs latest trendy district.It is perfect for shopping in little “non-mainstream” stores, relaxing with a cup of coffee or eating in small restaurants. It has it’s very own night life, which isn’t as touristic as the one at the Reeperbahn.

    DSC_0685 (2)

  7. St. Michaelis “Michel”
    This is one of Hamburg’s landmarks. It is famous for it’s five organs and the magnificent view from the steeple. The church had to be rebuild twice until now.

    DSC_0626 (2)

  8. Miniatur-Wunderland
    This model world is truly fascinating! It is the largest model railway in the world. Different parts of the world a rebuild here, amongst them the Knuffingen airport and the Hamburger Opera house. Also the lights change from day to night. I was expressed how precisely all those sections could be rebuild in such a small size!

    DSC_1952 (2)

  9. Musical
    The tickets are expensive, but if you have the chance of getting some it’s so worth it! I watched “The Lion King” and it was magical. The costumes were absolutely impressive and it felt like being transported into a different world.
    The musicals are all in Germany, something you should consider if you’re not able to understand it.

I really like this city, as it is so different to foothills of the Alps, where I grew up.

Have you ever been to Hamburg?