Jean Paul Gaultier/From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk

Some weeks ago I visited the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibiton “From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk” in the Kunsthalle München (Munich) and I was truly stunned.
The exhibition gives a lot of information about the person as well as about his work. There are texts and dresses, as well as videos.
The shown dresses are really amazing. I was fascinated seeing all those details in real life and the many different materials which were processed. For some pieces also the working hours were displayed and sometimes it’s just crazy. 😀
Another thing that interested my was how Gaultier smudges the line between femininity and virility.

Here are some pictures to give you an impression:






Of course it’s best to go and see it yourself!
So if you’re in or near Munich and can spare some time, it’s definitely worth going!
The exhibition still runs until february 14th 2016.

Have already visited?



Currently watching: Suits

I just finished watching the third season of Suits and I loved it!

The series about highly intelligent Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), who dropped out of college and works now at a law firm without ever having studied law, really got me. The story concentrates on the associate Mike and his boss Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) closing cases, but at the same time not revealing Mike’s secret.

In my opinion the plot is always really exciting and if I start watching once, it takes me some episodes to stop again! 😉

The way the competition between the different firms and lawyers, sometimes even the ones between people working for the same firm, is portrayed really pleases me. There are not just good and bad people, but all of them are ranging in different grey zones.

Another point I like is Harvey’s tragic love life, as he never stays together with any women longer than a few episodes. I guess I’m just a typical girl, who needs a little love in every movie.

On of my favorite characters on the show is Donna (Sarah Rafferty), Harvey’s secretary, who always has a clever answer and knows about everything going on. I just love here dresses!

Part of my fascination for this series is probably, because I’m thinking about studying law myself. Although I know, that the life of a lawyer is probably portrayed much chicer and cooler than it is in real life.

By the way, I usually watch movies and series on netflix. Especially if you watch a lot, but hate ads, it’s the perfect alternative to the normal TV program.

Suits is definitely worth watching!

Are you already watching Suits?


summer reading list update

I honestly ran out of book much faster than I had expected! This only shows how much time you have if you don’t have to work or study.

As I still have some vacations in sight I had to go to the bookstore once more like I predicted here.

This is what I bought:

  1. Paula Hawkins – The girl on the train
    A women takes the same train to work everyday, watching the same people out of the window until something shocking happens.
    I read quite some good reviews about it and it’s a number one bestseller on top.
  2. Agatha Christie – And then there were none
    Ten people are enticed into coming to an island under different pretexts and one by one they get murdered.
    This and the next books are some older works, but I read two other books by Christie before and watched the “Miss Marple” movies and I loved them!
  3. Agatha Christie – Death in the clouds
    A dead women sits in a chair during a flight and nobody seems to notice it at first.
  4. Graeme Simsion – The Rosie Project
    A man meets a woman that doesn’t fit any of his criteria. Nevertheless she becomes a huge part of his life.
    My mum got this book for her birthday and she said I had to read it.
  5. Joanne K. Rowling – Harry Potter
    I actually decided to read those before I went to the bookstore. I have been thinking about re-reading the whole series for quite some time, so I thought now was the right moment to start. I already finished the first volume and even Iread the books quite a lot of times I still loved it!

Do you have any other book suggestions? I’d love to know them!


Summer reading list

With summer here and all those vacations in sight I stocked up on some books in the last weeks. Summer vacations and reading somehow belong together for me and in those few weeks I read more than in the rest of the year. Even I try to read also during a normal week I often don’t find enough time to relax. So needless to say I’m excited to have enough time in the upcoming weeks!

large (1)


So here is what I’d like to read this summer:

  1. Gillian Flynn – Dark Places
    This novel addresses poverty and Satanic cult hysteria in the USA.
    I already read two books by Gillian Flynn (see below) and I absolutely loved them! They are thrilling to the very end.
  2. Sophie Kinsella – Can you Keep a Secret?
    How many secrets can you keep?
    After reading Wedding Night by Kinsella last year it was somehow clear another book of hers had to by on my summer reading list this year. I had to grin sometimes even laugh very often reading Wedding Night.
  3. Paula Daly – Keep your friends close
    The best friends who comes between a married couple.
    I thought the title was rather interesting…

And what I already read:

  1. Gillian Flynn – Gone Girl
    A wife gets missing, but is the husband really the killer?
    As I mentioned before I loved those two books!
  2. Gillian Flynn – Sharp Objects
    A journalist is supposed to solve two murders of little girls in her old hometown, but therefor she has to face her own demons.
  3. Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret, Sophie Mas – How to be Parisian wherever you are
    A very fun light summer reading addressing many Parisian clichés.
  4. Jan-Philipp Sendker – Das Herzenhören 
    This book by a German author is a wonderful, inspiring love story. I also have to get the sequel “Herzenstimmen”.

Probably the books won’t be enough for the whole summer, so sooner or later I’m gonna run to the book store and maybe buy too many book and some of them will have to wait in the drawer till next year. 😀

Which books do you read this summer?


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What I watch at the moment: Orphan Black

Like many of you I’m totally into TV series. If I find one I like, I just can’t stop watching until there isn’t any episode left! Sometimes I think there would be many other things to do, which were probably more healthy or more urgent, but I just can’t stop watching!

At the moment I’m totally into “Orphan Black”, a Canadian science fiction series. It focuses on Sarah Manning, who watches a woman, looking exactly like her, commit suicide. Later in the episode she finds out the women was a clone, just like her. Of course it wasn’t just the two of them and after she takes the identity of the dead Beth Childs, she soon makes friends with two ones. With being a clone come several complications and many people who want to set and end to their lives.

I think the topic of the story is very interesting.
First there are all the ethical and moral implications of human cloning. I think the arguments of each side are totally comprehensible. I for myself always find it very difficult to decide in moral questions.
Second it always makes me wonder how far the scientific research in our life has come and how much we really know about it.

Another reason I like the series so much is the brilliant Tatiana Malany. She plays every single clone. It just fascinates me how she can act all those totally different characters, who just look absolutely the same! I think that it’s much easier to play a role if you have a total different appearance. She’s perfect! I think every single character is very convincing and she shows many different facets.

I haven’t been watching the series for a very long time, so I’m still at the beginning of season two. I’m totally excited how the story will go on and probably I’ll finish the second season soon. I think you should really have a look at “Orphan Black”!

Do you know the series and do you like it?