Jean Paul Gaultier/From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk

Some weeks ago I visited the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibiton “From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk” in the Kunsthalle München (Munich) and I was truly stunned.
The exhibition gives a lot of information about the person as well as about his work. There are texts and dresses, as well as videos.
The shown dresses are really amazing. I was fascinated seeing all those details in real life and the many different materials which were processed. For some pieces also the working hours were displayed and sometimes it’s just crazy. 😀
Another thing that interested my was how Gaultier smudges the line between femininity and virility.

Here are some pictures to give you an impression:






Of course it’s best to go and see it yourself!
So if you’re in or near Munich and can spare some time, it’s definitely worth going!
The exhibition still runs until february 14th 2016.

Have already visited?




Normally I don’t draw at all, but as it is shortly before exams I needed some way to relax the other day and I just felt like it. When I was a kid I drew quite a lot, but at some age I just stopped. I’m not really good at it , but it was really fun.


I find it really hard to draw hair and I still didn’t figure it out, which way is the easiest and looks the best.


All in all I was quite surprised of the outcome as I didn’t really draw for years. I also like the feeling of creating something and see what you did in the end, to have something you can hold in your hand.

Do you draw?


ballerina girl

This painting was given to me, when I was a little child. It was a present from a friend of my parents and I fell in love with it at the very first sight.

First of all it embodies the 10 years of my life in which I went to dancing class regularly. I still love dancing, but sadly it isn’t anymore my weekly routine.

Second I really like the colors, they’re just so girlish!

As I like the picture so much it has been hanging over my bed for some time now, so that I can see it every time I go to sleep and wake up and it nearly always makes me smile.


I especially like how she incorporated the piece of notes into it, as music is such an important part of dancing.


I also love how filigree the dress looks.


What do you think about this painting? Do you like it?