review : Kayla Itsines – bikini body guide workouts-free week of workouts

I heard and read a great deal about Kayla Itsines‘ bikini body guides, the results you can see on instagram and co. are quite convincing. Sadly the guides cost quite some money (about 70$). However I found there’s a possibility of testing seven free days of the bikini body guide here!

DSC07654 (2)

The week consists of three workouts: leg, arm and ab. Each one of them is divided into two circuits you go through twice. The warm up and cool down/stretching you have to do by yourself.

Especially the arm workout was really hard for me. To be honest I didn’t get through the Push Ups without coming down to my knees and I swapped the In & Out Push Ups for plank jacks.

The workouts really challenged me and they’re definitely gonna make you fit. I had sore muscles after every workout! Also the workouts only took about half an hour, which is great if you have a tight schedule.

There are also some other free exercises on her blog, which you find on the website.

DSC07652 (2)

The free week of workouts is definitely worth testing! I can really see why so many girls are bikini body guide fans and I’d like to go on, but I really have to say that the price is holding me back.

Have you tested the bikini body guide?



2 thoughts on “review : Kayla Itsines – bikini body guide workouts-free week of workouts

  1. Hey Elli, I’m on Week 12 of my first round and am loving it. I agree, it is a fair bit of money for the guide, but I think it’s really worth it.
    12 weeks of challenging, scheduled workouts is awesome – I love the routine it has put me in, and now I feel a bit blah if I don’t workout each day (though I do look forward to Sunday rest day!). When you put it in perspective of $1/day, it’s pretty good value really! 🙂
    Erin x


    1. Hey Erin, yes I think it’s great when you have a routine you can follow.
      And it’s true that it doesn’t sound like that much money, when you break it down on one day. 😉
      Elli x

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