product review: L’Oréal Paris – Öl Magique

Today I wanted to share a hair product with you, which I have been using for quite some time now and which I really love!

It’s the “Elvital Öl Magique” from L’Oréal Paris. I have the one that is suitable for every hair type, but there are also specific ones for fine, dry and colored hair.

Every time I use it my hair feels much softer afterwards. If I use it regularly, my hair looks more healthy and shiny.

Usually I just put it in my ends and spread the rest that’s left upwards, but if my hair needs some extra care I also give a bit in the rest of my hair. On the packaging they recommend to use 3-4 pumps for your whole hair. I think that’s a good amount.

A big plus point is the price. It’s around 7/8 €.

And I think it also smells incredibly good of herbs and flowers.

Have you used this product? Or which ones do you use?



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