summer reading list update

I honestly ran out of book much faster than I had expected! This only shows how much time you have if you don’t have to work or study.

As I still have some vacations in sight I had to go to the bookstore once more like I predicted here.

This is what I bought:

  1. Paula Hawkins – The girl on the train
    A women takes the same train to work everyday, watching the same people out of the window until something shocking happens.
    I read quite some good reviews about it and it’s a number one bestseller on top.
  2. Agatha Christie – And then there were none
    Ten people are enticed into coming to an island under different pretexts and one by one they get murdered.
    This and the next books are some older works, but I read two other books by Christie before and watched the “Miss Marple” movies and I loved them!
  3. Agatha Christie – Death in the clouds
    A dead women sits in a chair during a flight and nobody seems to notice it at first.
  4. Graeme Simsion – The Rosie Project
    A man meets a woman that doesn’t fit any of his criteria. Nevertheless she becomes a huge part of his life.
    My mum got this book for her birthday and she said I had to read it.
  5. Joanne K. Rowling – Harry Potter
    I actually decided to read those before I went to the bookstore. I have been thinking about re-reading the whole series for quite some time, so I thought now was the right moment to start. I already finished the first volume and even Iread the books quite a lot of times I still loved it!

Do you have any other book suggestions? I’d love to know them!



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