Summer reading list

With summer here and all those vacations in sight I stocked up on some books in the last weeks. Summer vacations and reading somehow belong together for me and in those few weeks I read more than in the rest of the year. Even I try to read also during a normal week I often don’t find enough time to relax. So needless to say I’m excited to have enough time in the upcoming weeks!

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So here is what I’d like to read this summer:

  1. Gillian Flynn – Dark Places
    This novel addresses poverty and Satanic cult hysteria in the USA.
    I already read two books by Gillian Flynn (see below) and I absolutely loved them! They are thrilling to the very end.
  2. Sophie Kinsella – Can you Keep a Secret?
    How many secrets can you keep?
    After reading Wedding Night by Kinsella last year it was somehow clear another book of hers had to by on my summer reading list this year. I had to grin sometimes even laugh very often reading Wedding Night.
  3. Paula Daly – Keep your friends close
    The best friends who comes between a married couple.
    I thought the title was rather interesting…

And what I already read:

  1. Gillian Flynn – Gone Girl
    A wife gets missing, but is the husband really the killer?
    As I mentioned before I loved those two books!
  2. Gillian Flynn – Sharp Objects
    A journalist is supposed to solve two murders of little girls in her old hometown, but therefor she has to face her own demons.
  3. Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret, Sophie Mas – How to be Parisian wherever you are
    A very fun light summer reading addressing many Parisian clichés.
  4. Jan-Philipp Sendker – Das Herzenhören 
    This book by a German author is a wonderful, inspiring love story. I also have to get the sequel “Herzenstimmen”.

Probably the books won’t be enough for the whole summer, so sooner or later I’m gonna run to the book store and maybe buy too many book and some of them will have to wait in the drawer till next year. 😀

Which books do you read this summer?


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5 thoughts on “Summer reading list

    1. Now that I’ve read them all I think especially Dark Places is a lot darker. I personally liked Gone Girl best as I found it hard in the other books to really identify with a character… Do you liked Gone Girl?


      1. Hi Ell, yes, I quite liked the story of Gone Girl, apart from the end… I’m a sucker for just endings, I guess 😉

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