product review: Yves Saint Laurent – Touche Éclat

This time I wanted to write about a product I have considered buying for a very long time: the Touche Éclat from Yves Saint Laurent. 

I had sample some time ago that totally amazed me and the only thing that kept me from buying it was the price tag. So after some month of looking at it from a distance I finally laid my hands on it and I totally love it!

It is really the best concealer I have tested in my whole life. It does not only cover, but also brighten up your under eye area, so you really look more awake. Still it looks very natural and not at all like a mask. I also love the creamy consistency as I tend to have dry skin, especially under my eyes. This makes it much easier to apply to my skin.

I mainly use it as a concealer, but it also works really well as a highlighter.


At the beginning I accidentally pressed the pump button, when I put back on the cap, but I quickly got used to not doing it!

The Touche Éclat comes in twelve different colors, so everybody should be able to find a color that fits their complexion. I use it in the color “2” as you should always take the concealer at least one shade lighter than your makeup. I draw some points or short lines under my eye and then gently tap it in. It is super easy to blend!

Of course the price is quite steep, but I never had a concealer before which was basically like this one from YSL. If you know a cheaper product you think is as good as this one or even better, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear about it!


Have you tested the Touche Éclat?


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