product review: invisibobble

in the future I’d like to add some product reviews to my blog post, to show you which products I use and whether I like time. I hope you enjoy it!

Maybe some of you have already heard of invisibobble, the traceless hair ring.

just some of the points the brand promises

just some of the points the brand promises

There are some interesting points, which are promised by insvisibobble:

  1. It doesn’t leave a kink in the hair
    I think this is a real winning point for invisibobble as it doesn’t leave any kink in my hair. If ever it does, the kink is really light and disappears after some minutes. Nevertheless if my hair is damp, when I put it up, there is of course a kink, but that is totally normal.
  2. Preventing headaches
    That’s also a point that I love as I didn’t notice getting a headache from an invisibobble and even if I already had one, I didn’t mind using the hair ring.
  3. Strong grip
    In this point I think the invisibobble is just as good as a normal scrunchie. Especially when jogging or jumping I have to redo it after some time. Also I usually wind it around my ponytail three times and the third one always slips a bit down. But I can’t remember ever having a scrunchie that did last all through such activities.
  4. Avoids split ends and hair breakage
    I’ve always had troubles with breaking hair, so this was one of the most important points, why I wanted to test invisibobble. My hair still has split ends, but I have the impression that at the place where I usually where my scrunchie my hair does seem softer and healthier. So that’s a plus point for my thin hair.
  5. Water- and sweat-repellent
    Well there’s not much discussing this point. On the website it also says it’s easily taken out of wet hair. It definitely isn’t harder than with a normal scrunchie.
  6. Prevents uncomfortable tugging and pulled hair
    Here I think it sadly isn’t much better than a normal one.
  7. Innovative styling tool
    Most of the boys I know think that the invisibobble is quite ugly and I wouldn’t say I use it as a styling tool. Althought there are some hair style tutorials on the website, which look quite cool. I haven’t tried one yet. But I think I will!
  8. Anti allergic
    I can’t say here much. But I’m quite sure it doesn’t absorb anything!
  9. Compatible with any hair type
    Lot’s of my friends use invisibobble and I never heard anyone complaining it didn’t work with their hair!

There’s also one more point I like: I always like wearing one on my wrist and I think it’s much more comfortable to wear an invisibobble on your wrist than a normal scrunchie as they tend to cut in the flesh.


It’s my everyday accessory


I have it in the colors “crystal clear” and “candy pink”. Usually I choose the pink one as it brings a pop pf color into my outfit and looks happier.

Even the invisibobble doesn’t hold all the promises it makes perfectly, I still love it and I definitely use it every day!

Do you use an invisibobble? do you like it?



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