Today’s breakfast

Today I made this super fast and easy breakfast, which was really delicious. At first I was really dared to only have chocolate muesli for breakfast, but luckily I thought better of it and the chocolate muesli became only a very small part of my breakfast.

I think it is much more effective if you treat yourself to something sweet once in a while, than to abandon everything sweet and then totally crash a some point later.



  • yogurt
  • oat flakes
  • raspberries
  • bilberries
  • as desired a little bit of chocolate muesli


  1. Put some yogurt in your bowl
  2. Cover it with oat flakes
  3. Top it with raspberries, bilberries

Of course you can use whichever fruits you desire! I think its quick and easy to make in the morning.

What do you have for breakfast?



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