flower nail art

Sorry for not updating the blog for so long! I had exams so it was quite stressful.

Today I’m sharing a nail art I did the other day. I got inspired by the essie youtube channel. More exactly by this video.


I didn’t use the exact same colors as in the video, but instead mixed some I already had. I always use a base coat and a top coat by Manhattan. I primed my nails with a violet-red color (number 57U) also by Manhattan.
Then I started dotting the flowers. You can use a special dotting tool like they did in the video of if you don’t have one, like me, you can also use a toothpick instead. I think this works just fine if you don’t want to buy a dotting tool. Of course it isn’t that easy to get dots the exact same size. I did three different flower colors. The nail polishes I used were a pink one (number 51T) again from Manhattan, a white one from flomar and a mint one (615 mint for life) from Maybelline.

I suggest to start with one color and use it on all nails. Then you should really wait until it is dry, so you can start with the second one and maybe even overlay the flowers. Same for the third color.


I had really fun trying it and I think it isn’t too difficult, especially if you aren’t very experienced with nail art like me.

Have you done something similar before? Will you try this one?



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