Nutella sandwich

Some days ago I tried this delicious nutella sandwich recipe. It was so delicious!

Even I posted about a healthy nutella recipe some time ago, I have to admit that this time I used the real one!

The sandwich is easy and fast to make.

  1. Cut different fruits into slices. I used banana, kiwi, strawberries and apple for my version, but I think you can easily switch!
  2. Toast your bread or toast.
  3. Smear your toast with nutella.
  4. Place the fruits on the bread slices.
  5. Just put the layers together and your ready!

Even I stacked up three toasts in the photo, I would advise you to only do two. Although the higher staple looks cooler it is a lot more difficult to eat. Believe me I’ve tried!

I also thought at first that the kiwi wouldn’t really fit, but I have to say it tasted really good!

Will you try it out? Have you done something similar before?



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