Healthy nutella

Today I tried out this healthy selfmade nutella recipe by deliciously ella. I’m a really huge nutella fan except for all those calories, so I was very happy to find this version. It is really easy and fast to make, as there are only three intelligences to it. You only have to mesh up hazelnuts, maple syrup and cacao powder!


I loved the taste even it didn’t really taste like nutella, but of course still nussish and cacoaish (those aren’t even words :D) . As I hadn’t expect it to taste totally like nutella I liked it very much. I thin it even exceeded my expectations.

So if you have some time you really have try this out!

I also bought a new interior magazine today. It’s quite new on the market, so I’m excited how it will be!

Have tried the recipe or will you? How did you like it?

Which magazines do you read?



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