The look

In this post I’ll show you a look that I like to where, when I nee something a bit more chic than my daily outfit, but still somehow casual.

The center piece of the outfit is a black SET blazer, which I really love. It has a quite short cut, but that’s what makes it so peppy. Especially all those buttons on the sleeves give it that little twist.

With it I wear I light shirt from Saint Tropez. I like it, because it’s simple, but chic and the crease in the front gives it a nice little extra touch.


I like to compare those pieces with a dark jeans and depending on the weather and the occasion I decide on the shoes. I think shoes are able to have an huge impact on any outfit. It’s just this last touch, which shows what you are going to do.

My everyday bag is from Micheal Kors. I really love it, because quite a lot of things fit into it! A nice plus is that not many others have this specific bag. 😉 The shoulder strap makes it also very comfortable for a long day and black works with nearly every outfit.


So here is my complete outfit!


Do you like it? What do you wear, when you need something a little more chic?



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