What I watch at the moment: Orphan Black

Like many of you I’m totally into TV series. If I find one I like, I just can’t stop watching until there isn’t any episode left! Sometimes I think there would be many other things to do, which were probably more healthy or more urgent, but I just can’t stop watching!

At the moment I’m totally into “Orphan Black”, a Canadian science fiction series. It focuses on Sarah Manning, who watches a woman, looking exactly like her, commit suicide. Later in the episode she finds out the women was a clone, just like her. Of course it wasn’t just the two of them and after she takes the identity of the dead Beth Childs, she soon makes friends with two ones. With being a clone come several complications and many people who want to set and end to their lives.

I think the topic of the story is very interesting.
First there are all the ethical and moral implications of human cloning. I think the arguments of each side are totally comprehensible. I for myself always find it very difficult to decide in moral questions.
Second it always makes me wonder how far the scientific research in our life has come and how much we really know about it.

Another reason I like the series so much is the brilliant Tatiana Malany. She plays every single clone. It just fascinates me how she can act all those totally different characters, who just look absolutely the same! I think that it’s much easier to play a role if you have a total different appearance. She’s perfect! I think every single character is very convincing and she shows many different facets.

I haven’t been watching the series for a very long time, so I’m still at the beginning of season two. I’m totally excited how the story will go on and probably I’ll finish the second season soon. I think you should really have a look at “Orphan Black”!

Do you know the series and do you like it?



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