I am one of the persons, who where perfume everyday. It gives me the feeling of strength and beauty. I also so think that scent in general has a big impact on interpersonal relations, because who likes to be with a person who doesn’t smell good? Not me!

Some people think of perfume as a signature. It’s probably nice if you have only one perfume you were every day for every occasion, but I like to switch my perfumes according to my mood and my activities.

At the moment I I like Calvin Klein in2you for casual activities, Gucci Guilty and Dior J’adore for everyday life and last but not least Gucci Première for something more elegant. If it is summer again I will also more often be wearing DKNY Women.

DSC07093 (1)
This is my whole perfume collection. There are even some of my grandma’s pieces in it!

DSC07100 (1)
Just love all those bottles.

DSC07097 (1)

DSC07105 (1)
Love this one for summer!

Which perfumes do you use? Do you have one you use everyday?



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