Two years ago my family and I went to Croatia. This summer some friends of mine and I are thinking of going there, so I had a look at the photos I took. It was somehow the first holiday with my family in a real warm country as some of us don’t really agree with this kind of climate. Luckily I don’t normally have problems with that.

When we visited Croatia we drove around a lot to see as much of the country as possible. We also did a lot of different things like hiking, swimming, sight seeing, etc. as we like to have an active holiday, but I’m sure you could spend lots of time at the beach. As there is some really amazing scenery to discover we choose not only to stay at the beach.


This city really at the best location!


Just so many rooftops…


Those old buildings really have style!


A replica of the famous amphitheaters in Italy.




I’d really love to have one like that!



The two pictures above were taken at the Krka national park. Like I said there is some amazing scenery to discover. I really think you have to see those waterfalls if you go to Croatia although it’s really full of tourists, but the earlier you arrive the emptier it is.



I just love these small alleys!




We also made a day trip to Bosnia, because it was really close. We visited the city of Mostar. It was amazing, especially the market. There were tons of souvenirs to buy. Actually I’m not the person to buy souvenirs, because they usually just stand around at home and look cheep. But this time I bought an amazing necklace, a little hand mirror for my bag, which is just so beautiful and a little bag for all my essentials.


Belief me ore not there were some people who jumped of that bridge!! Some month ago I saw a report on a TV show about one of those men, who jump down there to earn some money from the tourist. I’m pretty sure nothing would get me to jump down there…


Actually we didn’t plan on going here, but we came by and it just looked so beautiful!


Isn’t this necklace just perfect? It gives every basic shirt or sweater an immediate upgrade.

I really would recommend this country highly for all people who like warm countries, also I really think you should stay away from mass camping places. There are so many other beautiful places, so really look to go for a small one. Most of the time smaller one’s are not only more beautiful and relaxing, but also cheaper.

Let me know if you already have been to Croatia of if you’re planning to go there!



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