winter sports

One thing I love about winter are all those activities you’re only able to do when there’s snow. I am really into skiing and snowboarding! Luckily my whole family is, so I’m able to go after my hobbies quite often.

I started skiing at the age of four and I just love the feeling of flying down the slopes! It gives me some kind of freedom and absolute joy. I’m also looking forward to lunch every time, because I love Wiener Schnitzl and all that food you get in the huts. Another nice plus are the saunas at the hotels we stay. They are pure relaxation!

This season we went to Ischgl and Hintertux. As we did so before Christmas, sadly the snow wasn’t very good. Nevertheless we had a really good time and it was just fun.

The skiing areas were quite nice, but I thought Ischgl was a bit too flat for boarding and in Hintertux there were really many ski tows, which I just don’t like. Anyway nothing can stop me from skiing or snowboarding!

Here are some photos I took at the weekend trips.

Sun is shining!


Sadly the weather wasn’t always perfect…

Another activity I especially liked as a child is sledging. Sadly I haven’t done it in a long time, but it was always much fun. I’m really thinking about doing it again soon.

Do you like winter sports?



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