bike tour

This summer my family and I made a bike tour from the South of Germany to the coast in the North. I had never done anything but daily bike tours before, so this was something totally new for me. The whole trip took about four weeks and I definitely broadened my horizon along the way. Although sometimes I would have liked to go home, it was worth the experience.

The things I liked most about the trip was seeing something new everyday. I had never been to Hamburg or Flensburg before this trip.
Besides I absolutely like the feeling of having archived something. So when I saw all those kilometers we had done each day, it just felt amazing.

But there were also some hard days, when I felt like my whole body was burning or I could not sit on the bike any second longer. Even these thoughts faded, when I had a look at what I had archived each day.

So hear are some photos from the trip:

Really beautiful church

Really beautiful church

Who wouldn't like to live there!?

Who wouldn’t like to live there!?

Sun is always making me feel happy!!

Sun is always making me feel happy!!

Having some nice breaks!

Having some nice breaks!


The “Lüneburger Heide”. The colors here are just amazing. One of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen.

Hamburg and it's harbor.

Hamburg and it’s harbor.

I especially liked Hamburg, where we stayed for three days, so we were able to visit the city and get some rest. I think it is a really beautiful city, especially the architecture and I found the harbor quite fascinating with all those cranes.

I do not think I would do a trip like this a second time, but it was worth it.



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